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New this year, it's Quest Middle School vs. Quest High School in a battle royale!


This year Quest is hosting a second challenge to see which school is the grooviest! Quest Middle School teachers Jonathan Walraven, Jennifer Welch-Ferrell, Bre Wieburg, and Adam Drake will face off against Quest High School teachers 
Michelle Shute, Travis Cazel, Elizabeth Underhill, and Tim Finney.

The two teams will go head-to-head to see who can raise the most money and get the most people from their school to attend the prom.The winning school gets bragging rights and the traveling trophy for the year!  

Support your favorite Quest Staff Challenge team by:

  • Donating to their campaign.  You can give directly to them, or go to the Middle School Team or High School Team pages.  Every dollar they raise is one point for their school.

  • Purchasing your event tickets from the Quest Staff Challenge team members. You can also purchase tickets online but don't forget to tell us which team you're supporting.  Every ticket they sell is one point for their school.